Basic Platform

Platform with a low level of complexity for its application in teaching medium, ideal for technical or high school level

Standard Platform

Platform with a medium level of complexity for its application in education Superior for use in engineering courses.

Advance Platform

Platform with a high level of complexity for its application in courses of specialty or postgraduate.



Turnkey Laboratories

Implementation and commissioning of cyber-physical laboratory platforms for automation, robotics and control.


Training Programs

On-site training courses to: Public and private institutions: Universities, Training centers Companies & Custom Equipment Projects.

Physical laboratory spaces for carrying out automation, robotics and control experiments and practices, equipped with real control devices and virtual reality machines for process emulation.


Cyber-physical labs


So far there are 3 specimens. They cover the topics of configuration and programming of Programmable Controllers.

Human-Machine Interface

Platform operating 100%. They have implemented around 15 practices Diodes, Bipolar Transistors and Field Effect Transistors.

Control System

Speed, position, and inverted pendulum control practices can be carried out. It is possible to enable a phase that operates.