Cyber Labs

Low-cost on-site laboratory equipment, using programmable controller emulators, operation panels and Virtual Reality Machines in three-dimensional environments.

Lab @ Home

Very low-cost training platform, through a complete laboratory environment emulated on a personal computer and therefore becomes a portable platform that allows the use of the laboratory at home or on the way.



Virtual laboratory

Implementation and commissioning of virtual laboratory platforms available for engineering


Training courses

On-site training courses for: Universities, Companies & Personal Subscriptions

Very low cost laboratory equipment platforms based on programmable controller and operation panels (HMI devices) computer emulators, as well as virtual machines or virtual reality machines for emulating manufacturing processes

Low cost

virtual labs


So far there are 3 specimens. They cover the topics of configuration and programming of Programmable Controllers.

Human-Machine Interface

Massive use platform with up to 10 workstations. The platform has been used on various occasions for a mass course online or MOOC course.

Industrial Networks

Platform operating 100%. They have implemented around 15 practices Diodes, Bipolar Transistors and Field Effect Transistors.

Industrial robotics

Speed, position, and inverted pendulum control practices can be carried out. It is possible to enable a phase that operates.